Eyeball To Eyeball 2017

The idea of Eyeball to Eyeball (ETE) talkshow was deriving from the awareness to not only know the importance of English but also know the importance of practicing English skill. As the talkshow concept was designed to be educative for the Law students, ETE invited 3 experienced speakers, Tyas Hardianto, S.H., Niken Prawesti, S.H., LL.M., and Dr. Bayu Seto Hardjowahono, S.H., LL.M. The talkshow also designed to be interactive where attendants can interact with the speakers on the QnA (Question and Answer) session.

ETE talkshow was held on April 25th in the Operation Room. Led by the Master of Ceremony (MC), the speakers shared their knowledge and experience about the importance of English for Law students and how they motivate themselves on keep practicing and expanding their English skill. Through this talkshow, the committees hope that Law students will be more motivated to practice their English skill and be more enthusiastic in joining English based activities held by faculty or university.